WISE Self Defense Instructor's Casting for Adidas Commercial

Two weeks ago, through WISE I received a fantastic opportunity to audition for a commercial for Adidas- they needed a female Hijabi kickboxer. Now when I looked over the casting requirements, I didn't think much of it and put it behind my back. A few days later, I shared this audition opportunity with my mother, brother, and a mentor of who fervently pushed me to try it out. With my mother's motivational words and brother's directing skills, I sent Adidas a video and picture of my skill set. I got an audition with the casting crew. I was able to demonstrate my skills as a martial artist and share what motivates me to keep doing it. A few days after the audition, I received an e-mail inviting me in for a callback- this would decide if I would shoot in the commercial or not. At the callback, there was only one other lady auditioning with me. We had to demonstrate our movements, but this time we would also be observed by a pro kick boxer. At that point, they had to choose between the other participant and myself. In the meantime, I waited calmly outside the gym and hoping that Allah would only give me what's best for me. The other lady was chosen to continue into the next round. Before even auditioning today, I had already decided that not being picked was a blessing and I wished my peer the best of luck. Pursue what you want and be confident when doing it. #byebyetomycomfortzone