2014 Leadership Fellow Experience

Misbah Awan tells us about her experience as a Leadership Fellow.

"I could not have spent my summer in a better way. Indeed, I am a busy girl, but looking forward to every Saturday with my girls and being productive and feeling accomplishment while riding the subway with them was rewarding. My journey at WISE was more than an experience. It was more of a life transition."

  Misbah with the 2014 Leadership Fellows

Misbah with the 2014 Leadership Fellows

Here are some of the wonderful things she learned:


"Learning it was about self. I personally expected to have my hand held. I realize now it’s about self-motivation.  After learning that it was about yourself and exceeding your own expectations, I felt like I knew what I was doing. I’m not use to saying “I do this” and “I do that,” but it felt good to own something, hence I became part of the backbone of Mentee Muslimah in this way.

Best way to learn is to teach something. No kidding. In the Day I session, we learn from our mistakes, strengthen our own stances, and understand our values through teaching others, no matter how older or younger they are than you. You learn from others.

The internet will always be our bridge. A lot of us wanted to keep in touch with each other and I am so so so  grateful for the internet because we can always be linked and connect with each other whenever we get the chance to. And I, as a facilitator of my Mentees, can witness them develop. I've gained the ability to find a balance between "Friend" and "Leader." I see them as my friends and I am so grateful for that. However, I’ve learned that I must also sometimes be willing to forgo "Friendship" mode to become more of a support system."