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(IM)WISE women know that empowerment is multi-faceted and complex. That's why (IM)WISE runs a number of grassroots programs to engage and support Muslim women in starting their own movements for social justice.


Mentee Muslimah


In the wake of 9/11, young Muslim women in New York City have been faced with bullying, discrimination and hate crimes. Since 2009, Mentee Muslima has brought Muslim female youth into a communal, safe space, to promote confidence through dialogue, entrepreneurship and self-defense. 

Through an extensive application process, 25 highly motivated and dedicated young Muslim women between the ages of 13-19 are selected annually for each region. These young women have the opportunity to engage in weekly workshops throughout the summer.

Mentee Muslimah is currently takes place in five locations: NY, NJ, Texas, Washington DC, and Madrid. 


Four Components of Mentee Muslimah

Self Defense

Self-defense is used as a modality of confidence building. After learning the situations when self-defense should be used, participants are taught basic techniques and pressure points that are useful against an attack.


Participants will go through an extensive training in service or product development. Each young woman will come up with her own product or service and present it at the final celebration. One idea will be selected to receive seed funding and mentoring for the development of her idea.

Dialogue and
leadership building

Young women will have the opportunity to engage in conversations ranging from college and career to body image and hijab. 

Mentorship Program

Upon successful completion of Mentee Muslima, each young woman will be paired with a college female who shares her academic and social interest.

Mentee Muslimah was a great experience where I got to learn a lot more about myself as well as improving my communication and leadership skills. I felt stronger physically and emotionally especially because of the amazing support group it gave me. It was an unforgettable experience and I made amazing friends there as well!
— Aniqa Hassan, Participant


Get your WISE on with these self-defense videos!



From One Sister to Another.


Ukhti Mentorship Program


Working as a little sib/big sib program in which students are matched with a mentor according to interests and career aspirations, our mentorship program, entitled "Ukhti," or arabic for "sister," aims to inspire young women to advance their professional and social development. WISE currently supports mentorship porgrams in NY, NJ, and Washington DC. Mentors are Muslim women who are either undergraduates, graduate students or young professionals and mentees are high school students. 

The mentorship program provides a platform thorugh which muslim women can form communtiy and advance  socially and professionally as leaders in their communities. We hope that this program will inspire young women to become the bosses they are meant to be!

Applications to be a mentor are currently closed for the 2016-2017 cycle. Please check back, contact us, or sign-up to receive our newsletter in order to hear about the next mentorship cycle!



Holistic. Mindful. Powerful.



Ruuh: Mind, Body, Soul


As Muslims sometimes we forget the importance of Mental Health and its impact on our daily lives. Our Initial reaction when experiencing negative emotions is immediately directed to our lack of faith or submission to Allah (SWT). Unfortunately, this notion has created a stigma among many Young Muslims in our community. Leaving the emotional needs of many unnoticed and unattended to especially during such times where Islamaphobia has hit its peak. Young Muslims in the West have found themselves feeling overwhelmed and emotionally burdened with who they are and where they stand in the Western World. Thus, WISE brings to you a Mental Health/Personal Development group called Ruuh: Mind, Body & Soul.

The goal of this support group is to introduce the balance between Islam and Mental Health along with the awareness of its importance in the Young Muslim Community. Taking on a culturally sensitive role, Ruuh: Mind, Body & Soul aims to provide a safe space built on empathy, unconditional positive regard and acceptance for young Muslim women from every background. The personal development group will consist of 6 sessions where members will be given opportunities to share their experiences, process their emotions, and become aware of how contextual factors have impacted them in the last couple of months. Which will all be done though discussions, psychoeduation, and activities.

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Inspiring the world,
one hijabi at a time.


Hijabis of New York

A Social Media Campaign Started by WISE.


Similar to the famous Facebook page "Humans of New York," Hijabis of New York is a social media campaign started by WISE to tell the stories of Muslim women in New York and beyond. With over 30,000 followers on Facebook, the campaign has captured enormous popularity and has showcased the humanity of Muslim women, allowing us to not only relate to each other, but also recognize and validate our own existence in a city that has increasingly turned volatile against our community.


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