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WISE - Self Defense & Discussion Session

About Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment - WISE: We are an organization that seeks to empower young Muslim women through the art of self defense, and by encouraging discussion about current and relevant issues that effect our communities. We aim to establish safe spaces for these self defense and discussion sessions every summer, across the country, and the world.

We are currently looking for sisters in the NYC area who are willing to take on leadership roles in these summer programs! If you are interested in doing so (or if you just wanna up your self-defense skills ;), join us at Hunter College on Friday, December 2nd, to get a taste of a typical self defense and discussion session with WISE! We will be demonstrating how facilitators maneuver these discussions, and some key self defense techniques.

Hunter College, TH Room 105
2 pm - 3 pm (after Jummah)

Sisters only!
All participants MUST have a valid CUNY ID with them!!!